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The Jefferson Review: Cut Copy 06.06.13



Yesterday, I took a lunch break like any other, choosing to spend my 30 minutes perusing the local vinyl selection. As I entered the shop, I noticed a shaggy man, whose penchant for finding the good stuff before I did suggested he was someone I should know. We shopped in silence next to each other for what seemed like hours, as I waited anxiously for him to put down an album I particularly wanted, until he finally spoke. His accent was the clincher—This was Dan Whitford, frontman of the acclaimed Australian rock-electronic outfit Cut Copy. And he was in town to play the Jefferson Theater.

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Anonymous: Do you ever watch Youtube? And, if you do, what do you watch?

Occasionally, yes. 

Cat videos…. Just kidding. I can’t stand cats.

I personally use youtube for music videos. There isn’t anyone in particular that I pay attention to but my younger sister is currently obsessed with a few people so I’ve watched some of their stuff by default lately. I have asked her to make a list of them, just for you! The youtubers my sister is currently obsessing over are:

JacksGap, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, KickThePj, nerimon.